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Find out which phone case is right for you

Which type of phone case suits me best?

The number of phone case types available is enormous. Hard cases, soft cases, leather cases and much more; at GoCustomized, every one of these are available, if you want to make your own phone case. However, how do you know which phone case will suit you best? If you would like, you can read an overview about the many types of phone cases that we offer. However if you would like, you can try to complete this personality test to find out exactly which phone case is right for you! Simply answer the questions, write down the answer for each questions and compare the results with the ones in the table at the end of this article.



At GoCustomized, you can find ordinary phone cases such as the hard case or rare cases such as the leather case. Just how fancy do you like to have your case?

phone case hard case wooden case
Hard case vs. Wooden case

Stick to the basics!

In a restaurant, you order just fries without any sauces. You are completely happy with a normal phone case. Additionally, you personalise your phone case by yourself, even though the case is already cool enough. You were built for classic phone cases and should create a hard case or soft case!

Style: 1

It could be a bit fancier.

A suit would be a bit over the top, but a dress shirt will do! For you, something a little better than a soft case is needed. A wallet case is the perfect solution for you, especially the full print variation, because it offers plenty of room for your own design! However, a regular wallet case with the print on one side is still a great alternative for you.

Style: 2

Let’s get more exotic.

You’re a real expert. In a restaurant, you order the most exquisite dishes. When you go shopping, you only pick up the most fashionable clothes to stand out of the crowd. Impress your friends with an engraved leather or wooden case or perhaps a sleek and smooth ultra light case.

Style: 3



Are you primarily concerned about protecting your smartphone from damage? Find out, how much protection is necessary for you and write down your number!

As thin as possible.

Of course, every phone case should protect your smartphone. However, it may sometimes be annoying to some if a smartphone takes up too much room in your pocket or bag. If that is the case, the ultralight case is the perfect choice for you, as it is super thin and light. Many prefer this case simply due to its thin and sleek design!

Protection: 1

Gritty protection.

It’s quite important to ensure that your smartphone is protected from all types of damage. At GoCustomized, you can find an entire lineup of cases that will ensure that you feel confident in your smartphone’s durability. Scratches and bumps are a thing of the past! Take a look at the wallet case, which not only protects the back of the case, but the equally sensitive and vulnerable screen.

Protection: 2

Nuclear bunker.

You go to school in a tank and wear a helmet on a bike, because you need it. Plastic cups are the new norm in your household. Whatever you touch somehow shatters into 1 million pieces. Definitely don’t let that happen to your smartphone and take the safe route. The tough case or the leather case are the best choice for you.

Protection: 3


phone case tough case
The tough case offers the best form of protection



At GoCustomized, you can get a personalised phone case starting from £14.95. Nonetheless, everyone would like to spend a different amount for a phone case. Write down the number that is most relevant to your preference!

Deal seeker.

It’s hard to resist a deal when you see one. The phone case is easy: a hard case or soft case for £14.95 is probably the best bang-for-your-buck choice. You will get reliable protection and a personalised design. A great phone case for a low price.

Price: 1

An average Joe.

Quality is an important to you, but you’re not willing to dish out an entire month’s rent for it. At GoCustomized, you can find a handful of suitable phone case candidates. Whether it’s a flip case, tough case, full wrap hard case or a wooden case, you not only get excellent protection, but also a completely unique smartphone!

Price: 2

Jay-Z and Beyonce.

You drink champagne for breakfast and let your bills rain in the club. Okay, perhaps that’s not entirely necessary, because even the cheapest phone case in our lineup is only £29.95. A leather case is definitely an eye catcher and is one of the most stylish phone cases that you will find.

Price: 3


phone case leather case
Personalised leather case


Find your perfect phone case!

Write down the results of each question and compare the results with the values in this table. By doing so, you’ll find out which phone case suits you best!

Case Style Protection Price
Hard case (Printed on back) 1 2 1
Hard case (Full wrap) 2 2 2
Soft case 1 2 1
Wallet case / Flip case 2 2 2
Tough case 1 3 2
Ultra light case 3 1 2
Wooden case 3 2 2
Leather case 3 3 3
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