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Photography gift ideas

Often, we are sitting happily on the sofa, smiling and remembering a pleasant time or looking at a picture that made a special day. Every picture tells a story and always brings back emotions and feelings. Because GoCustomized are lovers of photography, today we will show you some gifts to buy for people who also love photography. Get inspired!

PHOTOGRAPHY GIFT IDEAS Image from Photographie-fr.com

Photography Gift Ideas

1. Photo gift wrap

For all of you who pay attention to detail, you can make creative gift wrap paper. With a special picture, for example.

photography lovers Image from Pinterest.com

2. String of photos

Do you have some amazing photos of your last trip with your best friend? Add them all to a string with some lights and decorate a wall. Beautiful!

photography lovers Image from Pinterest.com

3. Antique camera piggy bank

This little piggy bank is a perfect gift for Christmas... You can use it to start saving to buy a real camera. Or for a new console!

photography lovers

4. Camera strap

For those who want to spend a little more money, £40 can buy a strap for the camera. It's the perfect gift for any amateur photographer. Most cameras provide you a belt when purchased, but there are many more original and more creative ones out there! Be sure to love your friends and get them one.

photography lovers Image from 22places.de


5. A personalised phone case

And finally, here is my own idea for a gift with photos. Choose your favorite picture of one of your best memories and design your personalised phone case on GoCustomized. You decide what kind of cover you want, and you can create it yourself. Your friend will be happy, because besides the memory, their phone will be protected.

photography lovers

I hope you like these gift ideas. Do you think your friends will like them? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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