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How to Replace your Smartphone Screen

Nowadays, smartphones are increasingly evolving: they have better systems, better applications, better materials are used, and the design is also more appealing. Yet there is a feature that even the biggest companies fail to improve. We are going to talk about screen strength. Most people have already found themselves in such a situation where the phone falls or hits an object, and the screen inevitably breaks down. So how can you solve this problem? Continue reading to know more.

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1) Take it to a repair center

Engaging with a professional is always a great choice. Unfortunately, however, with smartphones, this choice is also very expensive and not everyone can afford a similar expense. In fact, repairing a screen can cost over 1$00  (including labor). In some cases, therefore, it is not even worth it, as some smartphones cost less than the repair. If the damage extends to the touch screen then you pay a much higher price, so maybe it's okay to buy a new smartphone!

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2) Do it yourself

A better solution than the first in terms of savings, is for you to repair your smartphone yourself. It only takes a bit of patience and time to devote, but you will ultimately save a good sum, not counting the satisfaction you have by doing the work! First, look for the right model and fit for your mobile phone. You can easily find it on the internet at prices that are cheap. The next step is to disassemble the phone using a screwdriver and then remove the glass by using a tool that is very thin, such as a playing card. This part is the most delicate! If in fact yours is a LED screen you have to be careful: just a little pressure and the screen will break.Once the broken glass is removed, you can replace it with the new one. Just remove the sticker and attach the new glass to the phone frame. Now you can reassemble the components of your smartphone and solve the problem. Job!

But remember, this is a gentle operation, so if you do not feel safe, maybe it's best to adopt a different solution, especially if you do not know what to do!

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3) A custom phone case

Here at GoCustomized we believe that preventing a problem is better than the cure! That's why we offer the best solution to protect your smartphone without having to spend a fortune. On our website you will find a wide range of smartphone and tablet covers and choose the one that best suits you.The best part? Our case are 100% customizable. Use all the fantasy you have or take a look at our fantastic designs. You can be assured that you will find what you like!

And you? Which solution would you choose for your smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “How to Replace your Smartphone Screen”

  • Earnest Watkins
    Earnest Watkins March 29, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    I thought it was interesting how you pointed out that using a professional to repair your phone screen can be quite expensive. I feel like this would still be the better option since there is no way of knowing if you have the skill necessary to replace a phone screen yourself. I wouldn't mind taking a broken phone to a professional to ensure it gets repaired properly the first time.

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