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Revealed: The Nintendo Switch

After all the years of supposed leaks, design ideas, and general fanboy fights, the Nintendo Switch (previously thought to be called the NX) has finally been revealed. The trailer was released yesterday and it’s fair to say it has caused a lot of excitement. Today we will take a look at exactly what we can expect from the Japanese game company.

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What to expect: The Console

With a similar design to the Wii U, the Switch builds upon the previous installment from Nintendo but with many major improvements. The Wii U is considered by many as a failure by Nintendo, failing to reach the high sales and hype that previous consoles from the tech-giant have reached. The Switch is effectively a hybrid console that seamlessly “switches” between a handhold console and a home gaming console. With removable controllers, the Switch will allow you to play on the go and instantly connect it to your TV when you get home to continue playing.

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The controllers, known as “Joy-Cons”, can be removed and used to allow for a more fluid gaming experience and each one can also be used as another controller for multiplayer gaming. This is a great move by Nintendo and will really bring multiplayer aspects of gaming on the move. It will be possible to use the Joy-Cones in numerous different ways, including a normal controlle, as well as a pro version.

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What to expect: The Games

Another bold move from Nintendo sees the omission of a disc drive. That’s right, the Switch is keeping it old school with the use of cartridges. It will be interesting to see how much these cartridges are able to hold, considering the immense space taken up by games on the PS4 and Xbox One. However, from what we saw in the trailer, the graphics will be pretty amazing for a portable device.

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Launch titles for the console include a new Zelda game and a new 3D Mario game. Nintendo also confirmed that 48 developers have been working on content for the Switch, including the likes of Bethesda and Take Two. To say we are excited is an understatement.

What to expect: The Launch

Although no price has been confirmed yet, Nintendo announced that it will be released in March 2017. That’s a mere 5 months away. With Sony and Microsoft refreshing their consoles now, the Switch is coming at an interesting time in the gaming world. Regardless what people think of the Wii U, this release really does look like it could put Nintendo back on the map!

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Are you as excited as us? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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