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Review - Apple iPhone 7

There was huge hype surrounding the Apple iPhone 7; there were a lot of haters, but also many people who could not wait to buy this phone. In September we wrote a blog review about this new phone, which you can read here. But how do you like the phone now? Three months after the new phone was released, we take a look at whether expectations have come true. Today we have an updated Apple iPhone 7 review.

iPhone 7 review

We can already make a statement: It's best iPhone ever made. However, there are some areas that are not hugely different from the iPhone 6. The screen size and the phones are finally the same. Fortunately, the Apple iPhone 7 comes with better hardware and also has 32GB+ storage.

The design of the iPhone is sacred. Many iPhone users choose this phone precisely because it has an elegant look; little buttons with a large screen. Fortunately, in terms of appearance not much has changed, except for the different colors that are available. In addition to a plain black version of the phone, you can also choose the Jet Black option. This version has a matte finish, so you might see fewer fingerprints on the phone. The advantage of an iPhone is, however, that it is relatively small in comparison to other phones on the market.

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According to Apple itself, the display on the iPhone 7 is, "The brightest, most colorful iPhone display yet." And this is certainly true. It is the brightest LCD display we have seen so far but, unfortunately, the AMOLED display is not surpassed yet.

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What we are impressed with is that the phone is completely waterproof and it can be submerged in up to 1 metre of water for half an hour without breaking. We are please with both the sound and the phone's battery as well!

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