Rio Olympics 2016

The much anticipated Rio Olympics 2016 are finally getting started. For sports fans all around the world, the Olympics are the perfect time to support your country and show just how dominant you are in your favourite sports! Keep reading and find out more info about it.

Rio Olympics 2016

Find out more about the Rio Olympics 2016

The Games of the XXXI Olympiad will take place in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Olympic games are an event that brings together the best athletes from all around the world. Participating in this competition is every athlete’s dream. They have the opportunity to represent their country on the world’s biggest stage. Viewers will have the chance to see a large variety of sports, whether they are popular or not so well known. The Olympics are also renowned for bringing together people from every corner of the globe, which allows for great bonding opportunities. As you most likely know, the official logo of this event are 5 differently coloured rings, which symbolizes the 5 different continents around the world that come together to celebrate sports.

Rio Olympics 2016


During the next few weeks, sports fans will be glued to their couch, watching this sporting event on their TV, tablet or smartphone. Do you have a favourite athlete? Or would you like to support your country in a unique way? Feel free to make your own phone case with an amazing image dedicated to your idol!


Having the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is perfect, with its warm climate and lush atmosphere. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled to take place on August 5. The streets will be filled with samba dancers to reflect Brazil’s fascinating culture and there will definitely be unique festivals and events so that athletes can immerse themselves in this experience.


The competition will last three weeks. In these difficult times of bombings and shootings, there’s no better time to have an event so full of unity and peace. The goal of this year’s Olympics is definitely to spread a message of hope and unity to the world and put aside any differences that stemmed from religion, race or sex.


So don’t miss out on this year’s games. Invite friends over and enjoy every moment of them! Have a good time and get the most out of it!

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