• Google Pixel 3 Rumors

    Like every year, the biggest smartphone brands are working on their latest models with the aim of making it the most popular one available. Even though Google hasn't officially confirmed the release of the Google Pixel 3, we all know it is coming. And, as always, a lot of information and even pictures have been leaked long before the actual launch. We have searched for the most reliable Google Pixel 3 rumors and summarized them all in this article. If you are thinking about getting the newest Pixel model, you should definitely keep reading!

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  • OnePlus 6 release and rumors

    Soon, the Chinese brand OnePlus will reveal its latest smartphone model: the One Plus 6. The previous models have been quite successful, so consumers have high expectations for this new one. The predecessor of OnePlus 6, the One Plus 5T is out of stock and the brand won't restock it, so we already look forward to their new cell phone! Do you want to know more about the new OnePlus 6? We have gathered all the information for you that has been revealed so far, ranging from rumors to confirmed features - we will tell you everything! Continue reading to learn more about the OnePlus 6 release and rumors.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S9 release, price and rumors

    The Samsung Galaxy S9 release is officially announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). There are already many rumors about the technology around display, camera and fingerprint sensor. It is already clear that, as usual, there will be a slightly larger version, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.
    Read on to learn all about the new Samsung Galaxy S9!

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  • iPhone 8 Rumors!

    Are you an iPhone mega fan? Or you just love the number 8 after things? Well, soon you will both get what you want. The new iPhone 8, to be released in fall 2017. Some people hate waiting, so we will be discussing the biggest rumors about the soon to be released iPhone 8.

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  • New rumors: iPhone 8!

    We discovered some interesting rumors about the release of iPhone 8 and we want to keep you up to date! If you want to know more about what Apple is planning for iPhone 8, then read on ...

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  • Latest Apple rumors

    Every week (sometimes every day), we hear new rumours about potential new Apple products that could soon enter the market. If all these were true, however, I'm sure Apple would be dominating the world by now. Today we have compile the latest Apple rumours we have seen online, discovered through reports and patent applications. You definitely want to see what might be coming from the tech giants.

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