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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Problems

Last month, Samsung had to recall numerous Galaxy Note 7's sold worldwide and suspended sales. Why? Many of these smartphones had a problem with an overheating battery, which, in certain cases, led to the devices actually exploding! All Note 7's sold before September 15th 2016 must be returned and exchanged. In addition to this massive problem, the company must also deal with the testimonials from users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that exploded without reason.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 PROBLEMS Image from Thesun.co.uk

This video was filmed by surveillance cameras of a restaurant in the UK. As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S7 exploded and started smoking quickly. Samsung has launched an investigation into whether the phone was being charged with an unauthorised external charger, which could explain the explosion.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 PROBLEMS Image from Pocketnow.com

Other testimonies denounced such explosions. For example, Daniel Ramirez, a resident of New Jersey, sued Samsung in court. He suffered from second and third degree burns after the explosion of the smartphone in his pocket. A week after this incident, a Philippine family also reported the same type of explosion where the smartphone had overheated and smoked. The user has been repaid and Samsung's head of marketing in the Philippines has personally contacted the family to tell them that the company would investigate the matter.

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 PROBLEMS Image from Phoneradar.com

However, explosions of other Samsung smartphones, other than the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, can be counted on hand. As Samsung has not launched a worldwide recall of these models, you do not have to worry. But please, protect your new smartphone with a personalised Samsung S7 case , to avoid any damage to your phone!

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