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Samsung World Congress 2017

The Mobile World Congress 2017 Samsung will begin in a few minutes. We know that there will be presented the Samsung Galaxy S8. But luckily for Samsung has many products to talk about. For example, the new S7, S7 Edge, S6 and S6 Edge. Want to know more? Keep reading.


We have heard so many things about the Samsung Galaxy S7 / EDGE and Samsung Galaxy S6 / EDGE. At the end of the conference you feel the need to buy one of these phones. For those who were at the conference he will say: "I was at the first press conference carried out with virtual reality."

Samsung design

Before the introduction of the Galaxy S6 in the family, special attention to the design for this model was paid. Samsung was known in the past to use plastic materials for the realisation of some mobile phones, but this strategy is now over. For the screen design of the Galaxy S6 resistant Gorilla Glass was chosen. Now of course the phone is more expensive, but this way you have an object with a truly luxurious design.


As expected, with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as design, he has added some improvements.The rear glass of the Galaxy S7 by a feeling of better grip, the camera protrudes much less and the screen of the Galaxy S7 Edge has become slightly larger.

The new device is now also available in different colours. The whole range in Samsung S7 is available in black, white and gold. The green and blue colours are no longer available. It is noteworthy that this time the black version is very black, while the Galaxy S6 Black previously wasn't truely so.

Samsung Camera

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 last year has been repeatedly declared as the best camera smartphone. Samsung has put particular emphasis on the camera technology. Below you can see the clear difference between the two phones, of course, the quality is better in that of the Galaxy S7.


Stay tuned with us to find out all the news about this MWC, and if you have something to say, write it in the comments as well.

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