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Screen Fix for Wallet Cases

You just received your awesome new customized wallet phone case and you just absolutely LOVE it! You've inserted your phone into the case and of course nothing else can be more perfect... except the screen seems to not be working and acting weird? If this happening to you and you have no idea what to do... no fear we are here to help!

Some times we do not know what or how to Google to find what we need - and this can be such hassle and cause so much frustration. Fear no more - this fix is actually quite simple!

The Solution

Of course each phone will be slightly different, so I will tell you how to do it generally speaking. Simply put we need to turn off the smart assistance.

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Find the option for Smart Assistance - this will be located somewhere near "screen lock & passwords" or "secure lock setting.
  3. Once found- located "smart cover"
  4. Turn it off

See nice and easy! Now you can go forth and flip the wallet case with no worries!

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Hope this helps, if you have any other tips leave them in the comments below!

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