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Personalised Packaging

As we all know, its the inside that counts. But let's not deny that a nice exterior improves the thing, does not it? At GoCustomized we have been lucky enough to try out some of these beautiful, original and easy to assemble Selfpackaging cardboard boxes. Today, we are going to propose  some of the most brilliant and creative ideas to present your gifts,belongings or whatever you want! Read on to know more ;)


Personalised Gifts with Selfpackaging

Do you want to surprise a relative, partner or friend for their birthday? Or, do you have any events, like a wedding, birthday or anniversary (watch out for the latter)? Do not worry, today we are here to make life easier for you. We all know thedifficulty of finding gifts ... Even if your gift is not "Oh, just what he / she wanted !!", if you present it with great wraping you have more success. The important thing is the first impressions, right?


Personalised Gift For Your Mother-in-law's birthday

Okay, this is something to be careful about. There is a popular saying that says, "Once a year, it doesn't hurt. My opinion? Do not play when it comes to gift for your mother in law. Buy the most luxurious wine, a good cheese and put on your best smile. Wrap your " Rioja " or " Chateau " in one of these boxes and the father-in-law is taken care of too;).

Selfpackaging wines

Reconciliation with your partner

If you've just gotten into an argument with your partner, I think its important for a properreconciliation ... Do not know how? I'll tell you what always works for me: Breakfast at bed " Breakfast at Tiffany's " style. Full breakfast with good coffee and juice, croissant, and a little love letter reminding you of the important, unique and irreplaceable.  Note: presentation is important. What about this box for macarons? In the romantic French style, you will be drooling! Pay attention to me, a presentation like this and things will work out! ♥

Selfpackaging macaron

Our experience: a personalised phone case in a personalised package

Our sister in personalization has enchanted us. Self packaging also gives you the ability to customise your gift box. We received the order without problems or delay. The website is reliable, easy and fun to use, just like creating the boxes. You have many options to choose your box besides multiple accessories, all of them precious. Thanks to the ideas that you can find under the tab "inspiration" I opted for the best box and accessories. Here we leave the wonder that has been left to us at GoCustomized along with our personalised cases!

DIY phone case organizer!


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