Shoot better videos with your smartphone

We have all experienced this problem. It's simple, really. We have smartphones, we have cameras. Just point and shoot, right? Well, it's not always so easy. Often it's not the phone camera itself, but the user. Today we are going to look at a few tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your mobile camera and really shoot better videos with your smartphone. Ready?

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# 1 You hold your phone wrong;

Although you may think it's cool to record holding the phone vertically, it's actually not that good for the overall video. Therefore, always hold it horizontally.

# 2 You most probably still use your mobile incorrectly;

Now that you're holding the phone the right way, maybe your video is still not coming out great. It's likely that you're moving around too much and have shaky hands. Really try to keep yourself from moving and try and keep your hands as steady as possible.

# 3 A microphone;

A microphone is always important. Do not think that the integrated microphone is sufficient for recording fantastic scenes. Come on! Why not try out a microphone from RØDE, who produce some fantastic mobile mics. These are compatible for both Android and iOS and are great for interviews or other scenes. If you ask me, the sound is always the most important part of movies. It makes such a difference when the sound is clear and distinct.

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# 4 Automatic vs. Manual

The same principle applies here, as in photography. People who know how to use the manual function do and those who don't, opt for automatic. However, to truly get the best shots, you are going to want to understand how the manual functions work. The OnePlus 3 has some great features for the manual functions, whereas you are rather limited when it comes to Android. The iPhone offers semi-automatic, which you should definitely try out. There is a focus feature that lets you select the desired object and stay focused on it. Just remember - if your selected focused object moves, you need to move to :).

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With so much action happening when you are trying to shoot better videos, it is important to take care of your phone. Here you can Create Your Own Personalised Phone Case ! If you enjoyed this blog, let us a comment as to whether you have helped the tips. We are looking forward to it!

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