• What was trending at Coachella?

    Coachella has been recognized as one of the wildest and most famous festivals in the world for many decades. You not only find students and Californians there, but also famous artists and celebrities from around the world. Arguably one of the most discussed topics out of Coachella are fashion trends and outfits. Lurking between winter and spring, Coachella acts as an outfit ice breaker and helps people all around the world prepare their summer style.


    Who wore what to Coachella?

    Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio rocked some classic beachwear, but surprised everyone by bringing her kids along with her! Another famous model and Coachella frequent, Gigi Hadid has worn an easy going headscarf, simple tank tops and shorts, which really sets the mood for Californian weather. There are plenty of different styles and accessories to be seen around Coachella, including hair wreaths, cowboy vests, umbrellas and really anything that epitomizes summer fashion!

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  • What is your perfect phone case design?

    We here at GoCustomized specialise in customising designs for smartphone and tablets and our goal is to help you find the perfect phone case that fits your personality perfectly. Images on phone cases reflect your tastes, so essentially all your accessories show a little bit about you! To make this easier and more fun for you, we’ve created a post about unique design styles that you could create right on your personalised phone case!

    design phone cases

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