• Looking for a new friend to talk to?

    Day-by-day it looks like we are slowly edging towards the inevitable moment when robots finally take over... Don't worry though, we can enjoy the journey until then! Facebook messenger has recently added a nifty new feature that now lets you interact with programmer designed Facebook Bots (small computer programs) that are more than willing to talk to you whenever you want.

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  • Google Now: the best voice commands

    Artificial technology is developing at a rate that we never expected. In order to help us complete tasks even faster everyday, tech companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft have implemented artificial technology right into our devices. iPhones and iPads are powered by Siri, Windows devices are powered by Cortana and Android phones are powered by Google Now. In today’s article, we’ll be covering Google’s assistant and showcasing its strengths! Keep reading and find out more!

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