15 practical and hilarious phone cases

At GoCustomized, we’ve seen plenty of creative and hilarious phone cases! There are definitely a fair amount of crazy cases all over the world and in this article, we’ll be listing them! Here, you’ll find the 15 coolest, ugliest and most practical phone cases in our opinion. You can be inspired by some of them, if you want to make your own phone case.


5 Practical Phone Cases

phone cases beer

A phone case and a bottle opener in one – so your smartphone is protected, just in case the beer was shaken prior to being open…


phone cases solar

This is a perfect case for environmentally cautious users! Charge your smartphone using solar light! You’ll never have to use a cable again. Unless it’s night time. Or winter. Or you live in the North Pole.


phone cases pepper

A phone case with pepper spray is not necessary funny. However, you could always change it up and instead of filling it with pepper, you could fill it with some Axe. What would your friends say to your new portable deodorant case?


phone cases swiss

A phone case with plenty of useful tools, in case you get lost in the woods for whatever reason.


phone cases cigs

“Drugs are bad, okay?”. Turning your phone case into a secret cigarette box is not necessarily ideal, however if you’d like, you could replace the cigarettes with anything else that you need to have with you on the go.


Top 5 Funniest Phone Cases

phone cases teeth

With a bite.


phone cases hand

This popular phone case is easy to hold onto.


phone cases soft

A phone case that can act as both a pillow and a duster.


phone cases food

Hopefully this phone case can withstand an all out bite, just incase there’s some confusion while hungry.


phone cases panties

Give your smartphone a new outfit, literally. In order to plug in the charging cable, you’ll have to pull the panties to the side.


5 Cool Phone Cases

phone cases batman

Perhaps a little big, but what’s cooler than having the Batmobile protecting your phone? We’ve all seen it take a hit from a rocker launcher, so imagine what it could do for your smartphone!


phone cases wood

Personalised wooden cases are undoubtedly one of the more upper-class types of cases. At GoCustomized, there’s a large variety of phone cases made of bamboo, so you can make your own phone case out of wood, today!


phone cases book

You read plenty of news on your phone, so why not make it look like a book?


phone cases steampunk

A trinket for every Steampunk fan!


phone cases car

A must-have for every hippie or nostalgic!


You see, there’s an unending amount of crazy and hilarious phone cases out there. Some of them are extremely useful, while others… not so much. Which is your favourite phone case?


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