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The History of GoCustomized.

Running a startup can be hectic, exciting, stressful, and rewarding all at the same time. Since most startups fail it is also very risky, and to see one like Gocustomized last and even grow over its short history is very impressive. We are now a successful international start up, so read this article to see if you can find some tips to make your startup successful as well. For all those wanting to start their own company out their, or just huge Gocustomized fans, today we will talk about the 5 year history of Gocustomized. 

Everyone always asks how or why a company got started, what drove the owner to quit their job, put everything on the line, and dedicate their life to an idea that will most likely fail. Well our story isn't a fairy tale, but it makes sense! One day on the way to a big fancy business meeting, our soon to be founder dropped his phone. To his dismay, the back was shattered. He thought to himself, "If I am going to replace the back of this case, wouldn't it be cool if I could have it the way I wanted it" and at that moment, Gocustomized began.

Sometimes good idea come from bad accidents. That is exactly what happened here. In 2012, the company was launched and the first iPhone 4S backCover was sold. Ever since the company, under amazing leadership of course, has seen solid growth and an impressive expansion of its product line.  The growth was so impressive that in 2014 five new employees were hired

*Note these are not the actual employees* All of this for custom phone cases in a few short years! It looks like people really like customizing their phone case to have it just the way they want it. These employees were immediately put to work, and in 2015 their hard work paid off. Gocustomized went international, bringing unique custom phone cases all over the world. Going International is a big deal for a startup, there are a lot of things that can go wrong! How did we get International? We immediately went launched in 7 new countries! A big deal for a small company. Going global has truly made this a diverse company, bringing in new employees from all over the world to make sure our custom phone cases are perfect for each country.

Here are the most important points when going international with a startup

1). Study the market, know where to launch, sometimes different regions within the same country are vastly different

2). Try to hire a person from each country to have a local expert that knows the customers there

3). Shipping is extremely important, make sure you have a viable and reliable shipping method to a new country

4). Make sure you can get your products to that country in a timely matter. It can be a lot more difficult than shipping within your own country

This helped Gocustomized achieve its biggest milestone yet in 2016. They reached 100,000 customers. Now that is impressive for a young company! They brought custom phone cases from a small room in Amsterdam to people all over the world. Who knows where it will go next, but no matter what happens the future is bright!

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