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UEFA EURO 2016 x GoCustomized competition

After four years of waiting, the UEFA Euro 2016 is finally here. The event began on June 10 and will end on July 10. This year, a total of 24 European countries are participating and are divided into 6 different groups, with 4 teams in each group. We at GoCustomized understand how exciting this competition is and support our different countries throughout the competition!


If you want to know how we support the UEFA Euro 2016 and how you can win one of our personalised phone cases for free, keep reading!


UEFA Euro 2016 and GoCustomized

We like to involve our community and there’s no better time than now, with this huge and popular tournament going on. Therefore, we’d like to start up our own competition based on this large tournament.

uefa euro 2016 2


So how does this work?

The steps are clear. Guess the outcome of every game on our Facebook post, at least one day before the game starts. To participate, hit us up with a like and leave a comment below the post. The day after the game, the winner will be announced!

There’s a chance that no one guessed the correct result, but as long as your team is still in the tournament, you have a chance to win! As of now, we support Spain, Belgium, England, Germany and France, so choose your country’s team and good luck guessing!

uefa euro 2016 1


Upcoming matches in the UEFA Euro 2016

On June 25, 26 and 27, the following games will take place in the second round of the tournament:


Switzerland - Poland

Wales - Northern Ireland

Croatia - Portugal

France - Ireland

Germany - Slovakia

Hungary - Belgium

Italy - Spain

England - Iceland


If you've gone through our UK Facebook page, you’re bound to see posts about the UK matches. We want all football lovers to guess the outcome of the UK’s next match! Whether it’s Wales or England, you can make your choice.


What is the best way to follow the Euro 2016 in detail? If you visit our Facebook page, we can keep you updated on the next match and on the best way to win a personalised phone case.

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