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What are the Three Best Cities for a Holiday Vacation?

Planning a vacation can be exciting, knowing your finally about get away from work and all the other stresses of everyday life. While planning a vacation can be exciting, it may not be easy! There are so many places to go, so many countries to see, how can you possibly decide where to go? Well, you're in luck because we are going to talk about 3 incredible cities you have to visit.

Now keep in mind, these aren't the only places you should consider, but they are amazing places that can guarantee a good vacation.

1). Seattle Washington, USA

Oh, the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where to begin? Seattle is known for some of the best seafood in the World, beautiful mountain ranges, the home of Starbucks, Boeing, Amazon, Pike Place Market, an incredible beer scene, and the list goes on. Everyone can find something they love in this city, especially in the summer. Go for a beautiful hike, a swim in the pacific, take a jet boat up to Canada for the day, go whale watching, fishing, clamming, you name it. Don't want to spend all day in nature? Go take a tour of Boeing, which makes the planes that take you all over the world. You can go to Seattle's historic Pike Place Market and watch people throw Salmon at each other, no really! Maybe you just want to sit back with a cold one and people watch? Well there's few places that compare to Seattle because Seattle has not only some of the best craft breweries around, but the people from there are just downright cool! Seriously people from the "PNW", as the locals call it, are downright like-able. Go to Seattle, have a blast. Oh, and almost forgot, it's one of the great music cities of the world.

2). Florence, Italy

You can't have a list of cities to visit, no matter how short, without mentioning Florence. The history, the culture, the food, the list goes on. Climb to the top of the Duomo church and look across the city, walk across the Ponte Vecchio bridge and watch the Arno river flow below you while shopping for jewelry, sit down for a delicious Italian pizza while sharing a bottle of vino with family and friends. Wake up the next day and go to a local market and buy some fresh vegetables for a nice snack. Take a bus to the top of the hills and overlook the entire valley at sunset, it does not get more beautiful than this. Words can't describe the true beauty of a week in Florence, you just need to go. The pizza is worth it by itself, but Florence is so much more.

3). Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Everybody has heard of Amsterdam, but chances are you have heard about the red light district and the coffee shops. While those are fun, Amsterdam has so much more to offer. Amsterdam has so much more to offer, that if you go to the red light district or a coffee shop, chances are you wont even see one local. That is because they know the real attractions of Amsterdam. Enjoy the marvelous array of museums, have a picnic in any of the beautiful parks in the city, take a canal tour and see the city from a boat. Rent a bike and cruise around a city like never before, biking in Amsterdam is truly incredible. This city is open minded, accepting, and incredible. Even if it doesn't sound like something you would like, the experience of a truly free city is worth it.


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Have any other suggestions on where to visit? Drop us a comment!


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