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Tips to lose weight for the summer season

Summer is here and while your beach body may not be ready just yet, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of a few tips that will help you lose a bit of weight before heading to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand and water. Keep reading and prep yourself!

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A healthy mind is a healthy body.

Follow these three tips and find out more about what you can do to start off your summer with a slimmer frame.

1. Less is not always more.

You shouldn’t always think “the less you eat, the less you grow”. Our bodies always work differently. We usually have 3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. However the recommended meal intake per day is actually 5-6 (of smaller portions, of course). Why? Well, if you eat 3 times a day, you’re more likely to be hungrier and snack of foods that aren’t healthy for you. So eat small, but healthy portions of food and go jogging. That’s an instant solution for weight loss.

2. Cold water.

Hydrate yourself as much as you can. Try and drink 2 liters of water a day! Drinking cold water increases your metabolism, so your body will process all of that food faster and more efficiently. If you had a few mint leaves and lemon slices, you won’t feel as hungry anymore either.

3. Carbohydrates are our friends.

You’ve probably heard a thousand times that eliminating carbs from your diet is key to losing weight. This isn’t entirely true, or false. You just have to choose foods with the appropriate amount of carbs. Believe it or not, they can be found in a handful of vegetables such as green beans, spinach, broccoli, cabbage and even artichokes. Try and reduce carbohydrates such as pasta, rice or bread. You’ll feel energized by the vegetables alone without having too much fat accumulate in your body.


How to keep your weight down all year around.

Exercising is necessary to avoid any sagging and to keep those extra pounds off you. You can join a gym or go jogging any time you can and you’ll be sure to keep the weight down. However, don’t forget to bring your smartphone! Listening to loud music can motivate you to exercise harder and longer, because you’ll be enjoying your time. You can also use a personalised phone case with a motivational quote and picture on the back to keep you up and active.

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Sometimes diets don’t work, so don’t force it on yourself. However, you should always consider changing what you eat a little bit. Balanced meals are essential to maintaining weight and there are several apps that will help you create the most suitable meal. Try out Lifesum, an app that can find all the necessary information about certain foods and build a diet just for you. You can input your lifestyle and how much weight you want to lose. The app then lets you know how many calories you should be taking in per day and divides it into an X amount of proteins, carbs and fat. This app is available for iOS and Android!

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Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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