The 10 best must-have Hipster accessories

It's easy to make fun of them, but somewhere deep down, you love their style. Yes, we are talking about hipsters. This urban group is mainly defined by their rejection of mainstream trends and their love of discovering things before they become too famous. They pride themselves on their mustaches, beards, thick-rimmed glasses and flannel shirts. Perhaps we’re over exaggerating the idea of a hipster, but one thing is clear – their sense of style is great. Using some ideas from Isabella Marks along with some of our own, we want you to discover 10 hipster accessories that you absolutely need in your life.

hipster accessories

The top 10 hipster accessories

  1. Eyes are the window to the soul.

    hipster glasses


Glasses are an essential part of the hipster trend. Think thick lenses and frames. This trend follows a more vintage style, so you can look around in your parents’ treasure box of memories and see if they have something similar. Hipsters are truly bringing it back to the old times!


  1. Flannel shirts

    hipster mustache


Flannel shirts are comfortable, loose and always look great. All you have to worry about is matching it to your pants and shoes. The most important part is to button the shirt all the way up to the top to the point that you’re unable to breathe.


  1. Hipster smartphones

    hipster case


Your cell phone is basically a part of you, so you have to dress it up in style. And protect it from any critics. Custom phone cases are a great solution for both those issues! Check out some of our ideas and make your own phone case today.


  1. Try something different

    hipster hat


There’s a large variety of hats to wear and you can only choose one. Take a look at these three options to really unleash your inner hipster. The best part? You can wear these on a cold and hot day!


  1. The rarer, the better

    hipster shoes


The shoes you wear will also define you. Remember, your entire outfit has to match perfectly. So don’t forget to wear some nice shoes that are fancy, yet show that you’re not always in business. Take these flower-covered shoes, for example. They show that you want to be formal, but you’re here to party.


  1. Add some color to life

    hipster leggings


For any female hipsters out there, try out brightly colored leggings. Like these pink-red leggings with some wild pattern on it.


  1. Quilts are life, quilts are love

    hipster scarf


Find the largest scarf in your household and wear it around, because why not? Material volume and length are very important. Take a look at Lenny Kravitz for reference. This accessory makes for a great scarf in case it gets cold at night!


  1. Hipster Bling

    hipster bling


Cover up your fingers with rings of different colors, sizes, and shapes. Let everyone know when your hipster bling, that can only mean one thing.


  1. Manicures

    hipster manicure


Unleash your imagination turn your nails into a work of art. If you don’t want to invest all of that time, you could also try stickers and paste them on.


  1. Grandma Cardigans

    hipster granny


If your grandma has ever given you a cardigan that was way too big for you and itches, chances are you’ve never worn it. Until now that is. The grandma cardigan compliments a hipster’s style like a soccer ball compliments Cristiano Ronaldo. This is the ultimate accessory that not only looks great but will keep you warm in the winter.


Did we miss any other hipster accessories? Let us know in the comments below.

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