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The top 3 product designs out there

On a day-to-day basis, we use objects such as chairs, lamps and cups, without having to think about it. By doing so, we often forget that each object is carefully designed by companies to ensure that they are creative, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly practical! In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the best designs on day-to-day objects!


What are the best designs out there?


  1. Surface Tension Lamp
designs lamp


This one of a kind lamp has, without a double, one of the most creative designs. The lightbulb not only looks like a bubble, but acts like one too. It grows over time and can create other bubbles. What’s the best part? That the light from inside these bubbles are reflected to create a large variety of different colours. During its 50,000-hour lifetime, the lamp can go through more than 3 million different phases.


  1. LiquiGlide

Everyone knows the feeling of purchasing a tube of toothpaste, skin cream or hair gel, but it’s almost impossible to get the last drops out of the container. Many companies earn a lot of money by limiting just how much the customer can use their product, so that they go to the store earlier and purchase another batch. LiquiGlide is a substance for bottles that help the liquids inside move easier. It doesn’t only work for drinks, but also thicker liquids such as cream, ketchup or mayonnaise!


  1. Adjustable children’s glasses
designs glasses


Poor eyesight is a problem that billions around the world suffer from, particularly in developing countries. In these countries, glasses are a luxury good that are hard to afford due to lower wages. For kids, poor eyesight can hinder effective learning at school. The most expensive part of the procedure is being diagnosed by an eye doctor and finding a suitable pair of glasses for your condition. The non-profit organization “The Centre of Vision in the Developing World” developed glasses, as a result, that can adapt to each individual child’s eyesight problems using a regulator. The regulator can be removed afterwards. “Child Vision” can be produced at a reasonable price and is built to assist children ages 12-18 in developing countries. In order to help with production, the organization collects donations and for only £10, a pair of glasses will be produced and delivered to a child!


Do you know any other brilliant product designs that the world should know about? Let us know in the comments below!


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