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Top 5 messaging apps for smartphones

Which messaging apps should you pick up?

Just how important are messaging apps? We use them from the second we wake up to the moment we lay ourselves down to sleep. They are arguably the most important part of daily life to fulfill our needs to communicated with others. The problem is that the market is just so overfilled with these apps, many of which are just clones of each other. So which messaging apps are the best out there? Here’s a list of our favourite messaging apps!


messaging apps whatsappWhatsApp

At this point, almost everybody has heard of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a cross platform messaging app that is available on operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone and has been owned by Facebook as of February 2014. It is arguably the most popular messaging app on this list, with approximately 1 billion users as of February 2016. However, that’s no surprise because it is also one of the older apps on this list, having been released in January 2010. The app catapulted to success by constantly updating their app and adding new features that made messaging as convenient as possible, such as voice chat, video messaging, simply photo sharing and overall smooth software performance. Early last year, WhatsApp introduced an early variant of desktop messaging through the use of a Google Chrome extension.

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Viber messaging apps viber

Viber is another cross platform app that was released in December 2010. The app is more known for its VoIP (Voice over IP) capabilities, so although it is considered a messaging app, it is more in line with other video and voice streaming software such as Skype. In fact, Viber was one of Skype’s first and true competitors when it was released. In August 2015, Viber had an active user base of 500 million and is likely growing at a very fast rate. One advantage Viber has over WhatsApp is a dedicated desktop app, which has been active since its early days to help with its fight against Skype.

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Telegrammessaging apps telegram

Telegram is the newborn of the group, currently only two years old. It was founded in August 2013 and once again focuses on an all around accessible messaging experience. There are apps available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even on Windows and OSX. Telegram stands out by having a special form of encryption that ensures that no one will have access to your conversations. This was an important part of bringing over users from WhatsApp after WhatsApp was purchased from Facebook. Many users were concerned about the privacy and safety of their messages, so Telegram was a valid option to ensure that their conversations would not be read or tracked.

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Facebook Messengermessaging apps fb messenger

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s original and primary chat platform. Very soon after Facebook grew into a social media powerhouse, they implemented a live chat directly into their website. Over time, this messaging system became one of the most popular features and turned into an official smartphone app in August 2011. While FB Messenger is not as directly integrated into your smartphone like WhatsApp, it is still fast and reliable, especially if you want to keep in contact with old friends from school. It’s creative use of smileys, stickers and a newly integrated video chat definitely make Facebook Messenger a solid messaging choice.

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WeChatmessaging apps wechat

WeChat is a text and voice messaging app created in China in 2011. This cross platform messaging app has one of the largest monthly user bases, despite being primarily popular in China. In December 2015, the app had 650 million active users, with only 70 million of those located outside of China. WeChat offers standard chat features, such as text and video messaging, voice chat and media sharing, but steps out of the box by allowing users to play video games with each other.

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And that concludes our top 5 messaging apps currently in the market. What app do you use and which do you think is best? Hit us up with a comment in the section below.


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