Top 6 unknown but useful Android apps

We all use apps like WhatsApp or Facebook, but there is also an unlimited amount of unknown apps that would make your life much easier! So today, we’ll be telling you about the Top 6 Android Apps that you don’t know about yet!

Weather forecasts illustrated!

Everyone has a weather app, but to be completely honest, most of them are quite boring. YoWindow is something completely different. You won’t be presented with boring numbers and unappreciated icons, but instead, the weather is presented through appealing and creative artwork. In the settings panel, you can choose what type of animated background you would like to have and when swiping, the animations change based on the time of day and weather conditions. Animated artwork is an original and amusing addition to a weather app and will definitely catch your eye every time you open it! You’ll even look forward to thunderstorms!

apps weather

Match your smartphone to your personality!

You do not always have the chance to match aspects of your smartphone to your tastes. Generally, app icons can be arranged different and your background image can be changed. However, with Action Launcher 3, you can customize your smartphone to a greater extent. This practical Android app allows you to redesign your smartphone according to your wishes! You can choose between a bountiful amount of themes to stylize your smartphone and even create your own simple but gorgeous wallpapers. In addition, icon pictures as well as sizes can be altered. The One-Tap-Access feature allows you to respond to an app directly from the start screen! For example, if you want to post a status on Facebook, simple use the One-Tap-Access feature and you’ll be brought directly into the Facebook app and you’ll be ready to post!

apps customizer

If you love this app, we assume that you love customizing your smartphone to your personal taste! So why only change your phone’s software? Give your phone an outfit and create a personalised phone case here at GoCustomized!


Scan and save documents as PDFs directly on your phone.

With Tiny Scanner, you will no longer be dependent on a bulky scanner when you want to quickly scan a document. Simply pull out your smartphone camera, snap a picture of your document and save it as a PDF directly on your phone! Pictures can be scanned in colour, black/white or in several shades of grey. The app can also scan a multitude of different paper types, including DIN A4-Format paper and particular letter types.


Make and mix music on the go!

Have you always wanted to make your own music but never had enough money for bulky and professional equipment or software? With Caustic 3, you can now mix your own music anywhere you want, even on your way to work or school! Up to 14 synthesizers and drum sets can be used at the same time to create your masterpiece! Additionally, you have access to numerous tools like a master-mixer and special effects! Even a MIDI-Keyboard can be plugged in and used!

apps dj

Your future as a DJ starts now!

Safely save your passwords.

Do you have to read an important email but can’t remember your password? Are all your different passwords giving you headaches? With MobileSitter, passwords will no longer cause problems in your day. With this useful app, you can comfortably save and maintain multiple passwords and all you have to do is remember one single password. Afraid that it will put all your accounts at risk? Don’t worry, your single password will be protected using a new and unique form of security: Every login attempt will be shown as successful, so any hackers will not know if their attack worked or not. You yourself can know if you’ve successfully logged in through the use of a small picture that only you will recognize. If your login was incorrect, the picture will look slightly different!


Professionally edit photos on your smartphone.

Most pictures are taken with smartphones nowadays. If we want to upload these pictures, we of course want to edit them first to ensure that they look great for your audience. The problem is that most apps that we use to edit photos have limited functionality and sometimes we have to use multiple apps just to complete that single photo. PhotoDirector is finally the single smartphone app that you can use to perfect your image directly on your smartphone. Along with countless filters, you can change your image using a RGB colour wheel and HSL adjustments. You can even insert a depth of field effect and you can remove unwanted objects in your photo. In addition, with PhotoDirector, you can ensure that your photos come out the way you want them to before you make your own phone case with us!

apps photo

Now you know about the 6 best smartphone apps that are not in the mainstream market! Do you have any other insider tips? Share them in the comments below!


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