Top football fails and smartphone fails

Unfortunately, the UEFA Euro 2016 is over. Portugal was crowned the European champion and we think this is a good opportunity to look back at the past season. What were the best moments? And what were the best fails? Keep reading and find out!


Football Fails

We’re already halfway through 2016. Fortunately, there have been enough football bloopers and fails for us to enjoy. Check out this video to see the top 100 football fails of 2016, so far!


If you still haven’t had enough football fails, take a look at the video below. You’ll find a collection of the top 10 missed penalty shots, which are so bad that you have to watch them!


Sometimes, the goalkeeper is just so good that he stops every shot. In the following video, you’ll find the 10 best blocked penalty shots.


Do you only want to see the funniest, best or worst moments? Take a look at this video! This is a compilation of everything together, so you’ll definitely be cracking up or amazed towards the end of it all.


Phone Fails

We all know that sports and phones don’t go together well. There’s a high chance of damaging your phone while you’re distracted on it. You may be very careful with your phone, but there’s always the chance of an accident. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Take a look at the best phone fails.


Every time I watch these kinds of videos, I ask myself one question: “Why?”



Everyone has experienced the pain of having your phone fall on your face while lying in bed. Thankfully, no one but your significant other is there to watch you in your most shameful moment. Hopefully they don’t judge you. It’s not as embarrassing as it is funny!


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