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Unique gift guide

Don't you hate being boring and the same as everyone else? So do we, this is why we have come up with a list of unique gift ideas so that your gift will be memorable for years to come. Check it out below!

Gift giving is pretty stressful, especially when you want to make it personal, make it seem you put tons tons of thought into it, and make it special. Its always a good idea to take a moment and brainstorm before beginning the quest for the perfect gift. Think back, maybe this special someone has been dropping hints for awhile now! No matter, here are some awesome ideas!

For the cook in your life

For those who seem to be in the kitchen more than out a unique gift could be a kitchen gadget that also includes their other interests! They like science? Get them a set of whisky glasses that are tastefully decorated in a scientific theme! A cool and unusual gadget can also be welcomed -that ultimately will make their life easier and make yours more delicious (think about a kabob grilling basket). Finally, if you are more of a DIY person, you can make a hanging mason jar herb garden, this way they will always have fresh herbs to season their food!

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For the technology obessed

You probably recognize these people, they seem more into their latest tech than talking. You may feel turned off by getting them yet another gadget, it seems like they have everything under the sun! False, there are always more gadgets you can have! There various gadgets. From drones, to VR sets, to balloon dog night lamps. Literally anything goes and will be appreciated! If you are looking for something more personalized, GoCustomized offers a variety of customizable gadgets and accessories. Remind them of the fun they had that one time with you...

For the fashionista

For this person you may want to look up some trends or figure out what they are on the market for. Getting a unique gift may be a bit tricky but fashion is all about making a statement and expressing who you are. For men, who doesn't like a crazy tie or socks to spruce up their stiff and boring suit? Take it to the next level by getting them a full on novelty suit to fit any occasion. Or for DIY you can make them a sock tie! For women, it's a bit harder. You can make jewelry, or commission someone else to make it for you. Anything related to their pet is always appreciated it even if its an ugly pug sweater!


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For the unknown

We all have those family members or people who we just don't know what to get. No matter what, it just seems impossible. No fear, we have an answer to even this problem! A personalized phone case from GoCustomized is a perfect solution! No matter if they are girly or manly you can personalize any case or gadget to fit their style or to reflect what they like. It shows thought, that you care, and it doesn't make your wallet cry!

Any other gift ideas? Feel free to leave them below in the comments!

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