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Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day is around the corner and you might be one of the many women thinking "I have no idea what to get him for Valentine's Day"! Finding the perfect gift for your man can almost seem like a personal challenge. It sometimes seems that for men the choice is limited, but it is not! The mistake that many of us women make is thinking that all men like the same generic things. Just like us women, men are distinguished between the adventurous, the stylish, the sporty, and the sleepy. If you think about your boyfriend's personality, there are a thousand Valentine's Day ideas for him that you can choose from and certain ones that best suit his character. So there's something for everyone! Keep calm, we are here to help you! We have made a list of 10 Valentine's Day gifts for him to help you find that perfect gift.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

1. Classic

Is your man always running late to his appointments and for events? Feel like you're always hurrying him out the door?  How about a surprising him with a latest model of his favorite watch line.  Not only will he love this idea but it will  be the perfect subtle hint of tardiness.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him- classic watch

2) Snuggle Time

Does your man enjoy Sundays on the couch watching his favorite sports team?  Now you both can cuddle up on the couch with a customized pillow.  Our online customizer allows you to personalize custom pillows how ever you want.  Instead of uploading a kissing picture or an anniversary date, I suggest you put his favorite sports team player or logo on there.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him- a customized pillow


3) Sporty

Give a practical gift of something that would benefit his sport activities.  New running shoes, new hiking shoes, a sports bag, or a membership to a new gym are all great ideas!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him for sporty guys

4) Practical

If your boyfriend is always on the move, whether it's work or leisure time, a personalized power bank can transfer ideas for Valentine's Day that are more useful. Our phones are one of our most important items in our lives, and no one appreciates a dead phone.  Give him a functional present and give it an extra touch by personalizing it. Visit our website and find out how to design one in just simple steps

5) The Lover Of Music

If your boyfriend is always obsessing over the latest bands and sending you nice songs on Spotify, then why not surprise him with tickets to a concert to his favorite band.  This would be night that you both can enjoy! 
Valentine's Day Gifts for Him- a fun concert

6) Adventure extremist.

If you are a couple who loves adventure and extreme sports, why not surprise your boyfriend with a couple ticket for a paragliding flight, skydiving, or bungee jumping? On the internet there are many sites that offer you the opportunity to book a 'couple experience that suits your tastes.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him - skydiving

7) The Lover of Good Food

If he likes to cook or is fond of good food, there are many ideas for Valentine's Day for him. You could buy him a set of custom knives, so you can engrave his initials above and make him feel like a real chef when he cooks his delicious dishes on Saturday night. Or choose a tasting menu for a special dinner. Click here to find some delicious Valentine's Day recipes!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him including food

8) Caffeine-Dependent

He drinks coffee at all hours of the day, is this his real addiction? So, among the ideas for Valentine's Day for him, you can not miss a custom coffee mug. Imagine accompanying him during his favorite ritual of the day, sipping some coffee in the morning out of his personalized mug with a fun saying. 

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him - custom coffee mugs

9) The Newest smartphone

Has he been talking about getting the latest model of the iPhone or Samsung?  Maybe it's time to surprise him with that phone.  If you go for this, don't let your clumsy man's brand new phone go unprotected.  Make your own phone case to protect his new device! Here is a list of the latest smartphones.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him - custom phone cases
10) For the Aspiring Writer

Maybe your man is a romantic dreamer and loves to write. Choose among the ideas for Valentine's Day for him the one that best suits him: an agenda on which to put all his thoughts black and white. Make the gift even more special and choose a custom notebook. Personalize it with an important date, his name or a writing that reminds you of a special moment. This is among the ideas for Valentine's Day for him, which the aspiring writer will appreciate more.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him- custom journal

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