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Valentine's Day is around the corner and you have been probably been thinking about how to show your boo the love this year.  Unlike other holidays, Valentine's Day seems to be trademarked with certain gifts like a dozen roses, boxes full of chocolate, teddy bears, a candle lit dinner, and  a perfect card expressing your love.  Although these things are appreciated, we are here to help you think of some more meaningful, personable gifts.  Whether you have been dating your gal for a month or a long time, Valentine's Day is a day to spoil her with gifts.  It's a day to prove how well you know her by giving something you know she will love.  On a budget after the holiday season? No worries, these Valentine's Day gifts for her won't break your bank and are sure to be appreciated.  They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but nothing gets to a woman's heart like a thoughtful, personalized gift that shows you put effort into it.

Valentine's Day Gifts for her

1. Custom Make Up Bag

When it comes to make up bags, it seems women can't own enough of them.  If it's not makeup, they always seem to find more "stuff" to fill these bags with.  How sweet would it be to start your girl's morning each day with a customized message on her makeup bag.  Think of a cute message saying how lovely she looks, or even better use your own handwriting for a sweet message.  A personable message like this would be a constant reminder to your gal of your love.

Custom makeup up bags for Valentine's day gifts for her

2. Wine Label

As the evening usually involves some wine, whether you're out at a restaurant or snuggled up on your couch, surprise her with a nice wine that has a custom label.  You can find many sites that will customize labels for you with nice fonts and options to add images!  Get creative and customize the label with special anniversary dates, a picture from a special memory, or even a simple message saying "Happy Valentine's Day", or "I love you".  You can find a variety of templates for labels here.

Wine labels would be special Valentine's Day gifts for her

3.  Matching Pillow Sets

Maybe you just moved into a new place or want to add a little something to your bedroom or living room.  Nothing makes a room more cozy than some throw pillows.  In my opinion, you can never have too many pillows.  In our customizer, you can create personalized pillows how ever you would like.  Add images, quotes, or create "his" and "her" pillows.  Then, you can enjoy the custom pillows later when you get snuggled up. You will also benefit from these Valentine's Day gifts for her!

custom pillows for Valentine's day gifts for her


4.  Embroidered Robe

Nothing screams cozy more than a fluffy cozy robe.  Ladies live in these; sleep in them, get ready in them, and eat them.  For many women, they have become a travel necessity.  Embroider her name or a cute message like "Queen" on the front of her robe.  Pick out her favorite colors and she will be impressed with the details of this present.  Amazon offers an array of robes to choose from with quick shipping.

Valentine's Day gifts for her- Embroidered robe

5.  Custom T Shirts

Looking for a cool way to show your love?  Support your favorite gal with custom t shirts, that not only shows your love to her, but shows it off to the world.  A Valentine's Day gift for her like this shouts to the world you are proud of her and you are not afraid to show it.  Our customizer allows you to choose the style, color, and then add any images and designs.  Design yours now!

Custom t shirts for Valentine's Day gifts for her

6.  An Engraved Cutting Board

Does your boo love to cook? I bet you also love it when she cooks.  Show your support for her passion and engrave a cutting board.  With the right purchase and care, this can be a gift that lasts a lifetime.  It's the perfect accessory for every kitchen that is also practical.  Check out Etsy for a variety of options.

Valentine's Day gifts for her- engraved cutting board

7.  Custom Phone Case

A phone case is an essential accessory that can be nice to change up everyone in awhile.  While we all have the same phones, it's fun to differentiate ourselves with a case that represents our personality.  Customize your own phone case with your favorite picture of the two of you. Given we are using our phones everyday, she will always be reminded of this special gift.

Custom phone cases- great idea for Valentine's Day gifts for her

8.  Jewelry

If you are considering going down this route, make it memorable with engraving your initials or a special date on there.  Women LOVE this kind of thing, as they feel they get to show you off while they wear it. This a always a good idea for Valentine's Day gifts for her.

Valentine's day gifts for her- engraved jewelry

9.  Custom Journal

This is for the super sentimental people that like to express their love through words.  For some it can be a challenge to tell their gals how they really feel, so why not express these thoughts by writing them down.  When I say it's a day to spoil your ladies, I don't just mean gifts.  Thoughtful words can go above and beyond any gift, and is something she can hold on to forever.  So looking for a way to show your love? There is really no better way than something like this. In our shop, you can customize a journal anyway you want. Designing the journal is just the small detail, what is inside is what will melt your woman's heart.

Valentine's Day gifts for her- custom journal

10.  A Custom Tote

Thinking practically, this is something everyone would use.  Even though it might seem like an ordinary gift, adding customization to it makes it special.  Add your favorite images and quotes to a custom tote bag reminding her of your love while she is out running all of her errands.

Valentine's Day gifts for her


Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to showing your love and appreciation, and a personalized gift continues to remind your gal of your love beyond just the day.  Women love thoughtful and unique gifts like this and will be spoiling you with their love after receiving it.  Most important thing to remember about Valentine's Day is that unlike Thanksgiving, this holiday always falls on February 14th.  Mark it in your calendars now and cancel your poker games that Thursday night, because odds her she will be waiting to see if you remember.


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