What to watch on Netflix in 2017

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It’s a new year and that means two things. Well, actually, it probably means a lot more than that. Like, for example: a fresh start, the potential for self-improvement, a renewed appreciation of life – but, for me, it means the perfect pairing of cold weather and new content from Netflix! Wow, I guess that really says a lot about me.

Anyways, I’ve come up with a list of shows coming to Netflix this year that I'm most excited for. Because come on, we all have a good Netflix binge every once in a while. I know that, you too, have come face to face with the infamous “Are you still watching” prompt while couch locked at 3pm on a Sunday, avoiding all responsibilities. Really, just me?

1. Stranger Things Season 2


If were talking what to watch on Netflix and you haven’t seen Stranger Things season 1, stop what you’re doing and go watch in right now. That’s right, get up and leave your job, school, or whatever other responsibility you're putting off while reading this and start the first season immediately. Just tell your boss or teacher that some guy on the internet told you to do it.

Season 1 left us with so many unresolved questions: Is Eleven alive? Who is Hop leaving the Eggos for? And, most importantly, what happened to Barb? (Lets be real. No one really cares about Barb though, right?)

Everyone that was engrossed by the first season is hoping for big things from Netflix on the coming second season. Regardless, Stranger Things season 2 will definitely be a priority to watch on Netflix in 2017.

2. Master of None Season 2


Aziz Ansari did not disappoint with the first season of the show, which started streaming in 2015. The show boasted some of the most realistic dialogue and relatable situations I’ve ever seen in a show. As the season progressed, it almost fealt as though you were becoming a part of the on-screen friend group. Almost.

I've coined a term for shows like this – the ones that make you like you're part of the on-screen foolery between the characters– "The Entourage Effect" (patent pending). Good, right? Feel free to site that in any academic papers you may be authoring on the subject.

The lengthy anticipation for the second season has me even more excited to watch this upon its release in 2017!

3. Bill Nye Saves the world


Bill Nye is returning to television in the form of a talk show for Netflix. My generation grew up on Bill Nye videos throughout primary school. Whenever that cumbersome, brick-like, old television was wheeled into the classroom, you knew there was impending scientific wisdom from the man himself –Bill Nye.

This new series has a similar focus, tackling myths and misconceptions from a scientific point of view. Hopefully this series will provide some nostalgic entertainment, as well as fueling the the new generation of kids with those oh-so-sweet science lessons lead by Mr. Nye.

4. A series of Unfortunate events


Based on the books by Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events has been made into several adaptations - with the 2004 film starring Jim Carrey, being the most well-known.

The darkly funny series captured many of our childhoods, which is why I'm excited to see what Netflix does with their adaptation. Maybe they’ll be able to do the series more justice than the aforementioned movie adaptation. We’ll see.
With Neil Patrick Harris taking up the role of Count Olaf, evil uncle to the Baudelaire twins –noted curmudgeon and inheritance thief, I’m hoping for some dark humour true to Snicket's excellent stories.
There you have it, the Netflix content we are most anticipating in the coming year. What are you going to watch on Netflix in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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