Will Apple music surpass Spotify?

At the beginning of the year 2018, there is fierce competition between the two main streaming music platforms. Indeed, Apple Music is gaining more and more subscribers. The platerform announced that it had 36 million subscribers worldwide by the beginning of the year. Spotify nevertheless remains the first music streaming service in the world with its 70 million subscribers, announced at the beginning of the year as well.


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The real competition and the real danger for Spotify is the US market, this is where Apple Music stands out with a very strong growth. According to the forecasts of the experts, this summer, Apple Music should exceed Spotify in the United States, thanks to growth of 5% per month, compared to 2% per month for Spotify.

And this is not a detail, this region of the world is not negligible! The United States is the largest music streaming market with 30 million subscribers. The challenge is huge for Apple Music, and the threat is just as great for Spotify.

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The success of Apple Music has several explanations. First, the app gives access to millions of songs in just a few clicks. It is also much easier to use on Apple brand products. Finally, she made an important point with the recent release of her new HomePod smart speaker, which encourages users to subscribe to the Apple Music app.

Nevertheless, Spotify is currently the most complete and used service in the world. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages.

And you, then, are you more Spotify side or Apple Music side? Tell us in the comments and we'll see who wins the battle in the eyes of our readers!

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