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Custom HTC One case

Make a unique, one of a kind, custom HTC One case for your smartphone. This might seem like a daunting taste but in reality only takes a few minutes here at Gocustomized. A custom HTC One case also protects your mobile against those annoying scratches and cracks that, no matter how hard we try, always seem to appear. It is important to choose the case type that fits you best. Are you heavy user of your smartphone, then a simple click on Hard case might be the optimum choice for you. Are you a less frequent user and do you mostly have your phone in your pocket or bag, then a flip case with 360o protection might be best suited. Whatever type of user you are or preference for case type you have, Gocustomized will have something for you. Begin by selecting a case below to get started on your custom HTC One case.

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Making your own HTC One case is quick and easy with our specialized phone case maker. First select which case type you would like from the menu above. We have many case types available for the HTC One. You can choose out of the following: Hard case made of a special plastic which protects the sides and back of your HTC one. In addition to the hard case we offer a Silicone case made of a highly durable rubber. Once you have selected the case type that best fits your needs, you can select a base color for your custom HTC One case. The majority of cases come in black, white or transparent. Next you will be able to upload a picture either from your laptop, tablet, smartphone or social media account. The phone case maker also has a text application which allows you to input any of your favorite quotes, messages, jokes etc. into your design. Making your own HTC One case is just that, a custom case that expresses you. It doesn’t only have to be for you however. A custom HTC One case can be a great gift for family or friends. Think of your favorite family picture for you mom to have with her at all times. A funny party picture that can never be forgotten plastered on a case for all to see as a gift for your best friend. Regardless of the intention, we ensure that the case is of the best quality to satisfy your needs. All our cases are printed with a scratch resistant, tough and durable ink. So what are you waiting for? Get started and make your own HTC One case now!
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