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Custom iPad case

Here at GoCustomized.com you can create your own custom iPad case! Make your own iPad case by using any of your favorite pictures, quotes or even company logos. Not only is your customized iPad case a unique and stylish accessory, it also protects your iPad from external damage. Choose either of the following cases: Smart cover/Smart case, iPad Sleeve or Hard case. With just a few simple clicks you can design your own iPad case. Select the type of iPad you have and get started: iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini (retina). If you order before 5pm we guarantee your custom iPad case will be shipped first thing the next day!

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Want to have an iPad people can’t seem to take their eyes off? Then you have come to the right place. These days we seem to be heading to a depressing level of standardization. Gocustomized is looking to change all that by giving you the opportunity to personalize your iPad case and give new life to your device. Some examples of ways you could make your custom iPad case: Make a collage of that special summer holiday or use a picture of a loved one. Design your iPad case with your favorite quote for that little extra motivation. Have pets and have trouble leaving them at home when you’re off to work? Print pictures of them on your iPad case to ease the pain. Anything is possible and you are the artist. But why just one? Make a few custom iPad cases so you can switch from for example your boyfriend to your dog, we aren’t saying which is more important, let’s leave that to you. Like we said earlier, there are different options regarding the type of case you can use to make your own iPad case. We have the iPad hard case which is a light, durable, and easy to click on. The Hard case does not have to be removed for you to use your iPad, it only protects the back of your iPad and therefore unfortunately leaves your screen vulnerable. So, if you are looking for a bit more all-round protection then the iPad Sleeve might be ideal for you. The sleeve has a thick protective layer that covers the iPad completely. The iPad sleeve must be removed to use the iPad and that leads us to or Smart cover / Smart case. The personalized iPad smart case has a hard case back with a soft, multifunctional front. The front of the smart case can be flipped open during use and folded to act as a stand for your iPad. Different custom iPad cases for different people. Take a look at our store and find the perfect case for you!
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