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Design Your iPhone Case

Are you planning to buy the latest iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 PLUS? Do not forget to design a protective case for it! The new iPhone 8 is a true upgrade to the previous versions. Apple will fully customize the appearance of the famous iPhone. There is an edge-to-edge dispaly, which will incorporate the 'home button' on the screen. It will be made from OLED instead of LCD. This will make the iPhone 8 much thinner than the iPhone 7. The OLED screen will also ensure that colors are more vibrant while less energy is used! Meaning your iPhone battery will last much longer! In addition, the phone is water resistant. Wondering what's changed with the inside of the phone? Then keep reading!

iPhone 8 cases

Not only the outside but also the software is different for the iPhone 8 compared to all other previous iPhone models. The biggest changes are probably the new camera, which will be vertical and have augmented reality features. Also, at last, the phone will finally be able to charge wireless with lightening speeds! The battery life will last longer as there will be two batteries in the phone. The iPhone 8 will work faster and more efficient. Other features you can expect from this high-tech smartphone is an eye scanner, a Smart Connector and new sensing technology. Pretty exciting? For now we will have to wait for this smartphone to come out so that we may see for ourselves!
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