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Create your own Moto X case at GoCustomized. A custom phone case not only looks great, but is an ideal way to protect your smartphone. As soon as you’ve decided, which phone case model you would like, then you can begin designing right away! Upload your favorite picture directly from your PC, Facebook or Instagram and edit it in our phone case maker. We leave the entire designing process in your hands! Would you like to have a picture from your wedding by your side all the time? Or how about a memorable vacation that you had with your family? At GoCustomized, you are the designer! Make it even more unique by adding a meaningful text. A quote or perhaps even an important date would look fantastic right on top of your image. We offer a large variety of font types and colors so you can create your own Moto X case as you want! Can’t find that perfect picture? Don’t worry, take one of our popular designs that almost everyone will love! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at and they’ll contact you as soon as possible!